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Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel (FC) is a family of technologies for data transmission. FC combines the best attributes of networks and channels.

From the world of channels (traditionally used to attach storage to computers), FC brings low command overhead, high throughput rates, and bounded latencies.

From the world of networks (traditionally used to interconnect independent computers), FC brings large address spaces, geographically distributed systems, and automated system initialization and discovery.

The principals of lingua data have been involved in FC from its commercial nascence, having directed the development of such market-leading products as:

  • The industry’s first commercial midrange tape drive with native FC attachment
  • The industry’s first tape library with native FC attachment
  • The industry’s fastest large capacity disk operable in severe shock and vibration environments (currently successfully undergoing flight testing in Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter aircraft)

FC allows for over sixteen million devices in a single system - shattering old limitations of channels such as SCSI. Storage devices are shipping today that operate at 1Gb/s, 2Gb/s and 4Gb/s rates (with 2Gb/s, 4Gb/s, and 8Gb/s aggregate full-duplex throughput), with 10Gb/s products in development.

The leadership position of lingua data’s FC product development capabilities is secured by ongoing participation in the development of the International Standards that govern FC. The INCITS T11 Technical Committee is the organization responsible for the stewardship of the FC Standards. lingua data’s principals have spent years as Principal Representatives to this committee. This participation provides an opportunity to drive the technologies to be the best possible solution for data storage, as well as regular networking with other leaders in the industry to provide unique insights to the underlying principles. During their tenure in the T11 TC, lingua data’s principals have authored, co-authored, or had proposals or comments incorporated into numerous ANSI Standards, including:

  • SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2)
  • Fibre Channel Switched Fabric-2 (FC-SW-2)
  • Fibre Channel Virtual Interface Architecture Mapping (FC-VI)
  • Technical Report Fibre Channel-Tape (FC-TAPE)
  • Fibre Channel Physical Interface Draft Amendment 2 (FC-PH:DAM2)
  • Fibre Channel Backbone (FC-BB)
  • Fibre Channel Generic Services-3 (FC-GS-3)
  • Fibre Channel Audio Visual (FC-AV)

Whether your organization could use some help in solving an intermittent FC signal integrity issue, understanding the principles and mechanics of FC data transmission, or architecting a family of FC-connected products, lingua data is ready, willing, and able to help. Put our experienced team to work for you. Contact us today to collaborate on a plan to implement your profitability goals!


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