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pNFS is a protocol under development within the IETF. It is envisioned that it will be standardized as a minor versioning of NFSv4. It allows a file server (or Filesystem Manager) to delegate storage to distinct entities.

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The key feature of pNFS, relative to NFSv4, is the ability for clients to perform read and write operations that go directly from the Clients to the Object Storage Devices without funneling through the Filesystem Manager. Of course, the file Filesystem Manager must coordinate the Client I/O so that the file system retains its integrity. The NFSv4 delegation abstraction is extended so that Clients can obtain and manage file layouts allowing direct I/O, and Filesystem Managers can recall these layouts as needed.
The direct access of Object Storage Servers by the Clients eliminates the bottleneck presented by the maximum bandwidth sustainable by data flowing through the file server.


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